Cat 48 goes Racing!!!

6 10 2009
Safety First!!! (had to find a big helmet to fit the fur hat)
Safety First!!! (had to find a big helmet to fit the fur hat)
Buckled in tight!!
Buckled in tight!!
ZOOM ZOOM!!!!!!!!
ZOOM ZOOM!!!!!!!!

Drivers!!  Start Your Engines!!!

What a great weekend!!!  For Starters, it was my birthday, and I got to go see Zombie Land with Nate (Great Movie by the way!!!)  Then I had dinner with Nate, my mom, my Aunt Deb and my Nan!!!  Mmmmm Thai Food.  After a lovely feast, Nate and I went over to visit friends of ours whom we call  Allishawn (Allison and Shawn), where we watched the good old hockey games, and did some serious Cat chatting!!  Hee Hee
The next morning, Nate and I got ready for Sponsor Day at Delaware Speedway for Peterbuilt Super Stock Car #77, driven by Darrell Lake, which is the car that Nate is the crew chief of during the race season…(I am the water girl…VERY IMPORTANT JOB!!!)
At the event, there was a 2 seater car, where Darrell was taking people around the track for the experience of a lifetime….after a little bit of convincing, and a hunt for a larger helmet, I finally got in the car beside Darrell The Great, and put my life in his hands.
WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!  The whole time I was worried that the car was going to flip, as the force of the speed pushes your body toward the door (which I should add is RIGHT BESIDE THE WALL!!!)  But, I didn’t scream, because I knew that if I did, he would have gone faster FOR SURE!!!
Now, this isn’t the first time I have done this adventure, Nate took me out a couple years ago and had me tape the ride, and I thought that was fast…but he was being safe, what with the precious cargo that I am….But Darrell…He put the pedal to the floor!!
CRAZY!!!!, but totally worth it!!!
As we were wrapping up the day, the rain came down and got this kitty wet, so I ran for cover and made everyone else clean up…hee hee hee!  Once back at the race shop….I find out that the racing banquet is in 2 weeks….and its formal, and my ticket has already been purchased…UH OH!!!!
I need something to go with this hat…any ideas???



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