Cat#49 ~ update

6 10 2009
Working on my sister Haley<3

Working on my sister Haley<3

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but here is my update!!

Since my lost blog, I’ve been to Orillia well… Sunderland which is the smallest little hamlet on the earth! As I was driving down the street and people were standing there doing a double take on my hat! I went to my friends house there who I havn’t seen for 3 years, and they were quite surprised to see my new best friend who I have recently named Mr.$Mulla.  I think just about everyone was making fun of me. I went out for breakfest with my freinds and they were a little embarassed b/c everyone was pointing and laughing. Oh and I can’t forget the kids!!!, They are soo honest.. This little boy came up to me and asked me why I was wearing that ugly hat?!?!?!… I had to laugh, and told him i was wearing it to win $10 000.00, and he ran back to him mom and told her that I was going to be rich,… and asked if he could have one.

All of our patients are being pretty cool, they all hve their little laughs and wish me luck all the time… Thanks for that<3 And as for my co-workers thanks for being so supportive … every weekend they lecture me about taking my hat off! … but at work they threaten me by telling me if i dont’ know soemthing they will rip my hat off… you can bet i’m up and doing it before they even finsih their sentence! However the way is … thanks for the support<3 

I was also walking into the liqour store on oxford and someone asked to try in on…. come on now…

Wed. night i’m heading to the simcoe fair and watching my dad #397 and brother #?(Bruce and Josh Cowan) in the derby… so we will see how many ppl know about it there!!!!

Just wanted to say good luck dad and Josh!

P.S. remember josh when i did it i got 2nd last… we will see who does better<3

P.S.S. what number was the cat who gave all of his friends a yellow shower when he was camping???

hope everyone is having a good time!




8 responses

28 10 2009
Bruce Cowan

Sorry for not responding earlier but busy busy. Just wanted to say thanks to Amanda for handing out the jacket on wednesday and monday at the Norfolk county fair. And a special thanks to Willy and Sherry Williams of THRILL SHOW
PRODUCTIONS.Great job. Doug great run to the feature. Maybe next year.Amanda
I will try to make it to the cat in the hat draw

28 10 2009
Amanda Cat#49

Thanks dad! i had a great time handing out the jacket… i fun experience!
hope that you and kelly can make it! even invite Ivan, Kyla (lol not sure if thats how you spell it) and Scott and Tracey… just bring the whole group! Love you Dad<3

14 10 2009

Comment eh… I loves Le Tete (Thats francais for head)

13 10 2009
Doug Medlyn

First off Bruce thanks for supprting the derby at the Norfolk.I got the chance to see cat 49 lol even got the chance to tug on the cat of luck in the contest Amanda. Doug-car 503

14 10 2009

thanks for the suport doug! keep the comments coming!.
And good job making it to the finals!

16 10 2009
doug medlyn

thanks amanda i was hitting hard wish i had of won the jacket tho! im sending the pics in for ya! hope you win this! definitly one cool cat!

7 10 2009

hey dad… what am i doing???…lol
love you<3

7 10 2009

Amanda you are one crazy cat and you should wash behind your ears also all you crazy kitties should come down to the Norfolk County Fair Demolition Derby and watch Amanda hand out the Trophy Jacket to the winner.

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