Cat #37 update

7 10 2009

Still having a lot of fun with this 🙂  All positive feedback.  Met Jennifer Shulman from Royal Lepage Triland Realty today who had a great idea to get more feedback from the public.  Jennifer suggests that when the public sends in photos of cat-sightings FM96 donates .25C or more to a foodbank or some other charity.  Maybe there is a corporation out there willing to do this?  Good for everyone really.  Charity gets help, FM96 gets more advertising, the corporation also gets advertising.  So good idea Jennifer!  I hope FM96 takes notice…with each cat sighting we’ll donate to a worthy cause!  WIN WIN 🙂  Meow!




8 responses

14 10 2009

what boyfriend
i have not met the boyfriend

15 10 2009

I am looking forward to meeting You soon.:)

16 10 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

Mom, if you came to Paul’s show (Krazy Tok) at Norma Jeans on November 14th…you’d get to meet him.

Everyone else reading this should come to my cousins show!

14 10 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

🙂 Love you Derek 🙂

15 10 2009

Love You right back Kathleen:)

16 10 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

I love You right back..again 😉

10 10 2009
Jennifer Shulman

WooHoo ! You go Kitty, you’ve got my vote !!! I truly believe 25 cents per photo would make a difference..

8 10 2009

Brilliant! If FM96 really rocks they should agree to this.:) At least that would give some valid reason to the contest.

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