Cat 52: Still going strong

7 10 2009

I saw cat #9 In the Beer Store on the weekend. Didn’t notice her at first until she yelled out to me. We chatted for bit and off I went to Hickory Grove to camp out. All weekend the other campers kept singing that damn Cat in the hat theme song by Danko Jones I think (Who’s that cat). who’s that cat, who’s that cat, who’s that cat, If hear Who’s that cat one more time I’m going to defecate.

That’s all for now




4 responses

17 10 2009
Tracey Gowan Noble

Hey cat #52, I saw you at Hickory Grove Campground!! I was up at the rec hall playing bingo. I was the one that asked what cat number you were. We camp up there too. Do you have a lot up there or were you just there visiting? I wish you all the best in the contest 🙂

7 10 2009

hahaha! good show!

7 10 2009

The song is by The Salads

8 10 2009
Cat 52

ahhh the salads, kinda sounds like danko jones, ty #21

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