CAT #58—Rain,Rain go away…

7 10 2009

Rain, rain go away….this Cat doesn’t like the rain.

Had a great day…Went to the Doctors. I think that my family Doctor thinks that I am really one crazy Cat. I had to explain the contest to him. Once I did that, he did say that the Hat really suits me.

Went to Strathroy Hospital for an X-Ray. Many people approached me about the Hat. They think that this is the greatest contest ever.

Thank you to Stephanie for taking my X-Ray. I did not have to take off my Hat. Thank goodness.

My kids were at Forest City Gymnastics tonight. They absolutely love it there. And this Cat loves the people there.

My thought of the day….

Remember to always think about the positives in your day…forget about the negatives….

Cheers as always to all the Cats out there!

Bring on the next day!

 Meow! Meow!




One response

14 10 2009
Ryan Burns

Hey Liz,
it’s Ryan

i wish ya good luck, and i hope you can stay in there :]


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