Deb and Derek get Married — Cat 26 attends

7 10 2009

This Saturday I attended our friends’ wedding.  Haha, wow it must’ve been a scene for people who hadn’t heard of the contest!  The wedding was so beautiful, and then it got just a little bit fuzzier.  Deb, you’re a great sport, I would’ve banned me from the wedding were I the bride hahaha.  The wedding was an absolute blast and I am so happy for the two of you.  I have to admit, the strange looks are getting fewer and fewer, I think most people have now heard about the contest.  It is definately getting easier at my tables not have to explain over and over and over and over… However, I did have a big fan of the hat at my table yesterday… photo enclosed!  At least it is a lot easier to get work done on my Master’s paper, this hat certainly makes you think twice before going out!  Hope everyone else is doing well, looking forward to November 6th!





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