CAT #58—-Survivor night….

8 10 2009

Survivor night…Will be watching this with my son.

He just loves this reality show. And this Cat enjoys it as well.

Took  one of my daughters out this afternoon for a haircut.

Everyone at the shop was very interested in this contest.

Again lots of well wishes and words of encouragement.

Stopped in at Winners and heard a lady yell out in the store.

“My first Cat in the Hat”, ” Finally, I see one”. So word is really

travelling fast in London. More and more people are keeping

their eyes open to spot one of us Cats.

While I was walking our pup, another lady stopped to converse

about the Hat. She wished me lots of luck and hopes that

I win the “big prize”.

This Hat is truly one hell of a conversation piece.

People just love this contest and  most wish that they were

a part of it.

Thank you FM96 for hosting this awesome contest!

Cheers to all the Cats out there!

Onto Day # ????

Meow! meow! Meow!




One response

9 10 2009

I hope you win the big prize too! All the best! Love Crystal and Mike 🙂

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