cat #57

9 10 2009

I am also waiting for the ambush team and I think that 4 weeks wearing this hat and nothing to show for it is not fair at all when some people have had multiple ambushes. You can be caller 9 and win really good stuff every day on the radio and we are all wearing these hats and we get nothing, well a 1 in 55 chance, woo hoo.  Well that’s enough venting for now about that. My hat has been washed a few times and is still in good shape. Had our second week of skating and Ryan my 3 year old is improving fast. It was awsome watching him skate around all by himself, he was smiling the whole time.  Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving.




2 responses

9 10 2009
Ambush Team

Good Morning Cat #57. We read your post this morning and wanted to let you know that we have tried to catch your little kitty butt twice now. Once we waited outside your home ( not the sound creapy) before you headed to work and you didn’t show. And a second time trying to find you at work. I dont know if you know this but it’s hard to find one garbage truck with you on it around the City of London. Just so you know we have tried to catch you and give you prizes but we haven’t have any luck. We will see you soon, have a great Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!

9 10 2009

Well then try being caller 9 if you want free stuff!

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