Cat 60: What are you reading?

9 10 2009

My title for this blog has really no meaning, I have had a pretty quite week, it’s nothing but rain and normally I don’t mind the rain but I’m to afraid of getting this hat wet. I don’t want any mold growing.

So I’ve said before sometimes it’s really hard to answer all the questions I get a work about the hat and do my job at the same time cause I love to slack, in fact if you every seen me at work you would think that’s pretty much all I do! But today I had a really good question from a co worker.  He wants to know what he gets out of all of this? Cause for 1 he has to look at me every day and now when people come in and he is on till they completely ignore him and put all the focus on me and my hat. I told him it’s always been like that even before the hat. Then I told him to do the garbage, it sure is great being the top cat around here!

I almost forgot I have a great weekend coming up with the boys, we are all going down to Buffalo to watch the football game, it’s going to be awesome but they are facing the Cleveland Browns and I’m afraid they may think this hat is part of the dog pound fans and I’m not! I hope the people in Buffalo are ready for this cat!




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