still not ambushed

9 10 2009

well i think i am one of the hardest to ambush considering im a roofer and my job is in a new location everyday. also another reason would be that im in a three story walk up which u would have to buzz up to get in. but i will be moving by the 24th to a townhouse( need a bigger place for our daughter who will be born christmas eve) so that way u guys can look through my window!

iv had such a great time with this hat everyone talks to me about it and i have had a bunch of people take pictures with me, also my own side business in roofing is blowing me away this hat has brought me amazing luck im booked up every weekend for the next 5 weeks!

but yeah just been so busy i havent had much time to journal this story that much, but i have to work relentlessly for my baby and get ready for this winter.

anyways if u ever want to catch me in the morning i always leave my house at 720am and if u wanna find out where i work call my boss 494 2134




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