Cat #24 What’s up Meow? Thanksgiving long weekend.

13 10 2009


Friday night at the Frog. What an interesting and fun night this was. I received so many “hey it’s a cat in the hat, can I get a pic?” or” hey high-5, hope you win” and not waning to be rude, of course I accommodated all with a pic or a high-5.  After the first hour, everyone in the bar looked familiar…and everywhere I turned, I think I knew them all. That’s when I got a tap….turned around and….another pic or high-5??? was Taz and I did not even recognize him at first (boy did I feel silly). I had such a great night, I kinda wanna wear this hat out after the contest ends. Everyone is nice, they don’t know your name but it doesn’t matter because YOU ARE A CAT IN THE HAT…..:)


Me and my girlfriend Nat. See the reaction I get..”look it’s a cat in the hat”


Home Depot date, having some fun after ordering a new front door for the house.


Only the best number Cat # 24!!!!!


Thanksgiving dinner at Dan’s parents house, mmmm so good. Ham and all the fix’ns, I was in heaven. Hats off to the cook, well not this hat anyways..hehe.



…and to finish the night off, a night cap at Manson, well I was the DD so Dan got to have his fun. All and all, I had one of the best long weekends in a long time.

Happy Holidays FM96 listeners!!




2 responses

15 10 2009

Love the pics, Bec! Keep on posting

15 10 2009
Yvette Aconito

Love this pic…sooo cute! and your right this was a fun night for sure!!!!

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