Cat 60:Weekend in Buffalo

13 10 2009

That just say that was a weekend to remember!  And I’m not talking about the Bill’s game, if anyone watch it they would first notice that is was more like a hockey score not football, the Bill lost to the Browns 6-3.  My friend Grant was coming for his first NFL game and never even got to see a touchdown!  But that didn’t stop any of us from having fun.

always travel in style

always travel in style

As you can tell by the picture above, we are some classy guys!  Cause really how many people take a limo to a football game?  As you can tell the hat really just looks good on me and at a game I fit right in, the shocking part of it all was how many people in Buffalo knew why I was wearing it.  It really goes to show the FM96 really is the best station around! (ya I just did a cheap plug in)  I even had some girl ask me for my hat, I told them all about the contest and that I can not take if off but once they found out about the $10 grand they started to get a little more friendly with me.

It must be the hat

It must be the hat

            I have so many great pic to show and some I can’t do to the nature of them.  But what a great weekend, special thanks to Will the man who put it all together, and the rest of the boys Ken, Grant, Adam (sorry about the towel snap) I wish I could show the picture, and last but not least Craig the driver but no thanks to you for the ride home that was terrible!




2 responses

13 10 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

OH MY GOD…that must have been so embarrassing…being a Bills fan and all!

14 10 2009

It would be but thank god I’m not a Bills fan, I just didn’t want anyone mistaking the hat for a cleveland fan (dog pound) I like the Balitmore Ravens!

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