Cat#9- Places to find me over the next week^^Hello

13 10 2009

SO I’ve noticed people are getting their second ambush.. and I’m thining perhaps I’m just too hard to find.

So Here is what my schedule is like over the next week. (The Beer Store 3069 Wonderland road south @ southdale)

Tuesday- 10:00-14:00- the beer store, 16:00-20:00 Great Wall Chinese, 22:00-01:00 The Bristol place

Wednesday- I will most likely be in Toronto

Thursday- 17:00-21:00 The beer store

Friday- 10:00-17:00 The Beer Store,

Saturday- 10:00-14:00 The Beer Store, 16:00-20:00  Great Wall Chinese

Sunday 12:00-17:00 The Beer store.

Good luck ^^

I’m hardly ever at home.




One response

13 10 2009

If you knock on my door and I’m not home, I’m most likely at My neighbours house down the hall in apartment #23^^ we hang out a lot.

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