Cat 7 – Thanksgiving in the Sticks

14 10 2009
Deep Fried Turkey in Glencoe

Deep Fried Turkey in Glencoe

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, this cat spent it in the sticks, my hometown of Glencoe. Nothing too crazy, a little deep fried turkey, a case of Carling, and Baby Duck champange, LOL!!!

I ventured out to the Trails End Market on Saturday, I guess no cats have been out there yet. I felt like quite a celebrity, lots of well wishers, people petting my head, and people taking pictures. I did find it kinda funny that parents send their kids over to the weird guy in the cat hat to ask about it as I’m pretty sure if I had kids I’d be pointing them in the other direction and telling the guy to stay away from playgrounds and school zones.

We went to our good friend Melanie’s surprise 30th birthday Saturday night where I met Jake. He promised me he’d call in and tell everyone he partied with “Cat 7”,  and as we were all quite intoxicated I didn’t think he’d go through with it, but I was wrong. Jake called Dunner today around 3:30pm, thanks for the shout out Jake!

So how did Molson’s and the Food Bank do at the Metro with filling the truck? I was there and bought all kinds of baby food but couldn’t stick around. Didn’t see any Ambush team, sure you were there?

Take care,





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