Cat48 goes trampoline jumping!!

14 10 2009


I know its been a while since I have been on here, been very busy with wedding plans, and then I took a break for a bit to plan our 2nd annual Halloween Party.  LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!  Took some time to myself and had my first massage with the hat on, on Thursday, my RMT Shawn Chapin was laughing so hard, that it was near impossible to relax…but I did, eventually, and I would hear little snickers hear and there.  He was very excited to massage his first cat, and couldn’t wait to tell his wife and kids.  Sorry no pics for that….NOT THAT KINDA GIRL!!!

What a great long weekend….VERY NEEDED!!!

So much fun was had at the multiple family get togethers that were on the schedule.  Spent some time with my moms side on Satur-day/night.  Where all the cousins got on the trampoline and decided to show off their most talented moves….its been too long since I have been on one,so I didn’t get too tricky for fear of hurting myself (which Nate ended up doing…oops!)  Then we ate the full dinner, turkey, ham, potatoes, etc. etc.  And after a bit we got into a rousing game of Things in a Box….HILARIOUS!!!

Sunday we did some stuff around the house, got grocery’s and the we went over to Nate’s parents house to have another full dinner…SOOO FULL!!!!  And then I got to chill with my girl Christie…MISS YOU!!!  and then I finally collapsed after watching Desperate Housewives.

Monday was supposed to be our down day, but we ended up going to my Dad’s house to visit him and his family for a bit, then headed over to my Nans to see my aunt Jan who was in town from T.O.  By that time it was late, so we came home to have a quick bite out of tasty chicken wings and a tall Ceasar, Mmmmmmmmm!!

All in all a great weekend, wish it was longer (as always) but I can’t complain.  Very Fun!!!






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