CAT#58—Value Village—

17 10 2009

So I have been hearing how Chris McLeod is getting dressed up daily with costumes from Value Village.

My son needed a costume so off we went to Value Village

and got a really cool costume for him. While I was there

a lady snapped my photo with her cell phone. She’ll be sending

it into FM96 and hopes that she wins a prize.

Another person was very happy and excited to finally see

a Cat in the Hat. The cashier asked me the price of the hat as she

thought that I had picked it up while shopping there.

So sorry. I had to tell her that I was in a contest.

One little guy couldn’t stop laughing at me when he took a look

at the Hat.

You sure get noticed wearing this Hat. That’s for sure.

Onto Day #????

I am really loosing track of time again.

Hope everyone has a great night!


Meow! Meow! Meow!




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