Cat 13 had a blast at the Dawghouse

18 10 2009

Being the only cat in Tillsonburg gets lonley so when I heard about what was going down at the Dawghouse I thought I would pay a visit.  So the hubby and I rounded up a babysitter and went to London.  We had a great dinner at Moxies where I got lots of stares but at least most people knew what it was about by now.  We headed to the dawghouse and finally got to meet another cat!  Rachelle (cat 33) was great and it was really nice to talk to another kitty especially one that hasn’t been ambushed yet either.  I was starting to think the ambush team didn’t know where Tillsonburg was.  Met up with yet another cat while at the bar and got to see some wicked entertainment.  Wild T and the Spirit was great, my husband is still going on and on about how awesome they were.  Thanks so much to Rachelle and everyone at the Dawghouse for everything, we had a great time!




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