Cat 48 having a blast this weekend!!

19 10 2009

So, I started out my weekend on Friday by hanging out with some friends from college….hard to believe it had been 10 years since I had seen the 2 girls I spent 2-3 years glued beside….CRAZY!!!!  But we had an awesome time looking through old pictures, reminising and having a few drinks.  I was so happy that we finally got together and picked up exactly where we left off.

Saturday, I woke up with a major sinus headache, so I slept a bit, then went shopping with my mom so she could try and find an outfit for my wedding (which isn’t until next December, but its always nice to look and see whats out there anyways)  After a long day of shopping I came home to curl up on the couch again and have another nap.  Nate decided that it was about time for us to get some dinner, as we were going to a party later on, so we ate, and I ended up having another quick 45min nap before I had to get myself all set for the “Wigging Out” party…that actually turned out to be NO WIGS afterall….oh well…at least the blue hair matched the blue FM96 Logo. (sorry no pics of that, I left my camera at home).  After a small visit, as the birthday girl wanted to head to the bars,  which I didn’t go to, as I was apparently fighting something off, Nate and I went home where we both passed out on different couches…WOW!!!

Sunday was fun, I went out to Walmart, where I was approached for the FIRST TIME by someone to have my picture taken.  I smiled my biggest cat smile and moved on with my shopping.  Where we eventually met my Nan and aunt.  We all decided that we should go over to Montana’s for dinner as it was my Nan’s birthday.  Mom thought it would be a great idea to tell the servers that it was my Nan AND my birthday….hence the LOVELY photo’s of us with the horns.  Oh well, at least we got a free dessert out of it!!!  (cause you know…that hat was SOOOOO embarassing to put on..haha)

Thats all for now








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