Cat #21 I guess the radio works? =]

21 10 2009

So I was on the radio yesturday morning and Chris was asking me questions regarding my blog about not getting that job I had an interview for. Well guess what… lol.. Maybe an hour or so after that, they called me and gave me the job!! Now, I’m not at all certain that they heard me on the radio, but it just seems so close together don’t you think? I don’t know.. maybe I just didn’t wait long enough to hear back from them.. but I guess it doesn’t matter now =] Thanks Chris, even if it’s just coincidental. YAY! I start on thursday and I’m pretty excited. So you know where I’ll be ambush team – Walmart Portrait Studio in Argyle mall, I start at 9:45am and I’ll be there til 7pm!

And I had a pretty awesome time at Kingwest last night taking pictures for London Social, met some pretty cool people and got tons of pictures (thanks Adam.. =P). Here’s some photos from the night

The coolest people there

The coolest people there


The coolest people there

The coolest people there




3 responses

22 10 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

of course it works!!! Congrats…

22 10 2009

Actually just met them so I’m not quite sure =P (sorry guys)
I know one of them is a Mike

21 10 2009

who are the guys you are sitting with?? i think i know them… is that a ryan and/or a josh?

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