Cat #24 What’s up with Cats NOT POSTING?

21 10 2009

I work hard to post fun, cute blogs…that I believe would interest FM96 listeners. I see alot of other cats having fun with this as well. How fair is it for all us hard working blogers if the prize goes to someone who does not put the time and effort into this like we have.

Anyone following my blog, please show your support. Comment and let me know what you think. Cheers to all who have had as much fun with this as I have.




4 responses

21 10 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

24 Fan – hilarious…let me know if your pickup line works!!

21 10 2009
24 Fan

I check your blog everyday! It’s funny and cute – and you are smokin’ hot.

21 10 2009
Cat #6 Karen Nixon-Carroll

I don’t always blog every day but I do read many of the other blogs…..I like hearing about all the crazy experiences.

21 10 2009

Sorry but your blogs are like one big commercial….boring lol

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