Cat 26 – Last Stretch!

21 10 2009

It’s been a long run and it’s finally starting to wind down!  With only 16 days left this may be my last blog, as I am really making a press to finish my thesis, and have started a new volunteer position on top of my regular work schedule.  I would hate to forget to come on here and tell everyone how wonderful they have been throughout this process.  While I may be getting a little tired of my head gear, and it may have been a little uncomfortable on the way, it’s been a blast!  It’s even better now that the end is in sight.  My thesis is almost done, and I know there have been a lot of cats out there wearing their hats faithfully; it’s been a productive 2 months ( almost haha).  I am so thankful I was given this opportunity and am so thankful to all the lovely people I have met out and about, and most importantly, the incredibly supportive guests and staff at Jack Astor’s.  I work with the greatest people around,  I love u guys!  Also, to our enthusiastic guests, thank-you so much for all your positive support and encouragement.  Last but not least, my incredible family, I think my mom has told everyone she knows about this contest!  Haha, thanks mom.  And Braden, that wedding would’ve been very difficult without your help 😉  I’ll see the rest of you cats at the party!  Best of luck to you all, may the best cat win!




One response

26 10 2009

You have been very brave in sporting such a silly hat for so long. I have been tempted to hunt down and snatch other’s hats, but I won’t force my negative impulses on your karma. You will need it to win this. And you don’t even stink! Good girl!!!!

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