It’s how you play the game. Cat 11

21 10 2009

Well I haven’t posted a blog in a whille,… not much has happened that i have to write about. I have been reading the blogs as of late and i think some people are getting silly about the whole hat on thing.. If you recall before this contest started Tucker and Taz took phone calls asking about the competition. They stated that if you chose to do so, you could try and get away with never wearing the hat at all. Problem being, that if you get caught you are out of the running for the 10G’s. This is a competition, a game if you will and I do believe it’s all in how you play it. People had to expect that not everyone was going to keep the hat on all the time.. and that is exactly what FM96 is hoping for!!… although I think the Ambush team has been pretty slack in trying to nab people. .. I also have yet to be ambushed, we are more than half way done this thing and i just might make it all the way to the end with out ever being ambushed. This leads to another question… how fair is it that I, if it goes that far did not get ambushed at all! granted I work in the hospital and on midnights and security is pretty tight , not to mention finding my work area would be a challenge all unto itself for the ambush team. so in saying that ..Cats we need to relax play the game and play it well if you know of a another not wearing the hat by all means bust them!… that is what FM96 wants. We gotta find some way of getting the #’s down from 54.




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23 10 2009

For sure, but come on this game seems to be a walk in the park. Considering the fact half of us haven’t been ambushed yet.

And they need to have more ambushes at home rather than at people’s work where it is probably the first place someone would wear their hat.

We should definitely should start our own ambush team.

21 10 2009

if I had the time, I’d like to ambush a few cats myself !

21 10 2009

I have to agree but it would be nice to see a little more effort being made to try and bust people.

21 10 2009
Steve Cat 40

Thankyou as you took the words right out of my mouth. Outwit, Outlast, Outplay… you can do whatever with the hat but if you get caught you are out. Cats whining about who wears it and what not is a joke. As well as some of the folks who think they are gods because they have this road kill on there head.

Its all in fun… do what you want and take the risk with out it of you like!

Steve Cast 40

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