Cat 34: Loves flannel.

23 10 2009

Hello friends!!

I am sorry to all you out in radioland, I have been a little MIA lately. So I’ll give you a couple updates sans pictures which I promise will be posted soon!!

I still am having a blast with this hat, I am almost having no problems at all. I also do not give any sympathy to any cats that complain, I’m having an awesome time!  My only problem was I couldn’t figure out what to be for halloween with this cute furry head! But I figured it out… I don’t want to share it yet because the pictures will hopefully be awesome to post a few days after Halloween when I recover! 😉

I love the random conversations this hat starts, its pretty awesome talking to everyone almost anywhere. I don’t give the time of day to those who heckle. Great reception at some places, most notably the Ministry of Transport office on Talbot, the LCBO at CherryHill, InPrint at UWO and the random conversations that it has sparked in my building’s elevator.

Everyone at work has been awesome, everyone is so engaged in it and always asking me how long and for stories and such. And no, I don’t get too hot in the hat standing in the kitchen (expo)  wearing this hat and a flannel shirt. Big hearts to the Wave/Spoke. And on the topic, Happy 40th Birthday to the Spoke!!

So, since no one probably reads blog posts without pictures I will cut this short and promise I will post them soon, crazy weekend planned ahead. Metric on Friday, boysnightout on Saturday (anyone? probably not… ) and I’m thinking about Gwar on Sunday. If you don’t know who Gwar are, I have two suggestions: watch Empire Records and then youtube some Gwar concert footage. I was taken to the Gwar concert by someone pretty sweet last December and I haven’t seen a better visual show since.

…and I’m spent. xo.




One response

23 10 2009
Steve Cat 40

I saw GWAR a few years back… great show…. watch out for the blood though!

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