Cat 49

23 10 2009

Just trying to get caught up with my pics / info!

One more for today! 

This Blog actually is dedicated to my friend Mike who is Newfoundland! This blog reminds me of him!

I have recently started going to the new Goodlife at Masonville. I was a never expected everyone who works there to be so outgoing and nice! Emily, who is one of the managers there greets me every time I walk in. 

I also have a personal trainer who’s name is Kurt. I went to the gym yesterday and he pushed me so hard. My body is sooo sore today…lol

If anyone wants a good gym with great staff  highly recommend going to this gym. When you do ask for Emily and tell her Cat#49 sent you… and if you even want to go a little farther ask for Kurt and tell him Amanda Brown sent you… (whoever that is)…lol 


have fun everyone!<3




6 responses

25 10 2009
Jay Gracey

I saw you at UPs on Carling Friday night when i was there for my cousins B-day party.Just saying good luch with the contest hope a nice female as yourself wins.



25 10 2009

thanks for the comment jay! hope you had as good of a night as i did!

25 10 2009

Wow Amanda, even I got the reference!!! lol

25 10 2009

omg… ok i’m a few daysbehind… but i just got it!…. lol…
man if i was a racecar i’d win b/c i’m so fast!…lol
love you both!

24 10 2009

Hey Mike, thanks for the comment!
they remind me a lot of you, very outgoing and fun to be around… lol and kurt pushes me a lot like you did!

p.s. i dont’ really understand the end of the msg tho… but thanks?…lol<3

24 10 2009

THATS AWESOME!!! I am doing some training now too, Body Rock Boot Camps. I love it, fitness feels good no matter how into it you are, or where you are with it. Plus it makes your Body Rock ; )

So just for the record you look rediculous in that hat!

And……………………………. WHOS KURT? I will kick his ass!!!

Good Luck, No Overnight Guests and delete those pictures before anyone sees them!

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