Cat#37 K.G.B. @ Rehab, Brantford, ON

23 10 2009

There is a great show this Saturday night at Rehab in Brantford, ON!!  K.G.B. (Kevin’s Garage Band) will hit the stage and smash your face in 😉 

I’m very excited for the show this Saturday Derek.  I’m looking forward to wearing my cat costume with everyone else dressed up too 🙂  This hat is coming in handy! 

Will take some pics and post them next week!

It’s sure to be a great show and fellow cats should come out and enjoy 🙂






5 responses

29 10 2009

I sent one of the pics off to fm96 of you and Derek outside.

30 10 2009
Kathleen aka Cat #37

Thanks so much Mark! I can hardly wait to see it 🙂 That was such a great night!

30 10 2009

Thanks very much Mark!:) Kathleen and I had a great time and can’t wait for next year.:) Sound was really good and the vibe was totally rocking! Thanks again!

24 10 2009

WOW!! Thanks Kathleen! I love You!:)

26 10 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

The show was amazing! You certainly blew the doors off the place 😀 Would like to get some of those pics from Kevin.

Love you too baby!

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