CAT#58—New Cell Phone Today—

23 10 2009

Had a great day!

I went to London in Westmount Mall today.

Kan Atwal provided me with a new cell phone and all the

accessories I needed. Best service I have ever received for

making a cell phone purchase. He was great, very helpful and I

left there smiling. Thank you so very much Kan!

So if any of you Cats need cell phones or accessories I strongly

recommend this place.

While I was at Westmount I had some more shopping to do.

Got alot of looks and stares from people. I am wondering

if any other Cats have made it to Westmount to do their

shopping. I really like this mall as I find that you can

get whatever you need there.

I am staying a home tonight. Just relaxing.

Busy weekend ahead!

Hope all the Cats out there have an awesome night!


Meow! Meow! Meow!




One response

26 10 2009

Thanks Liz, Kan threw in a free iphone protector with my purchase. Great service.

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