FM96 CAT #23 – Am I EVER gonna get ambushed?

23 10 2009

Hey Ambush Team!!!

The contest is almost over…have I missed my ambush?  No one has come for me yet!!  Are any of the other CATS still waiting to be ambushed as well?  Just wondering.

COME AND GET ME!!!  LOL  And when ya do…can I PRETTY PLEASE have STP concert tix cause I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go to the show!!!

Have a great night Kitties!!!  Take that hat off if ya like…cause I’M IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




11 responses

3 11 2009
CAT #23 Heather Morrison


It’s almost time for the hat to come off…FOREVER!!!!!! LOL

I can’t wait to collect MY $10,000 this Friday!!!!!! LOL WOOT WOOT

MUCH LOVE to all my friends and family for supporting me and responding to my blogs!!!


6 11 2009
phyl in the 'peg

Hey babe!

I am at work – working hard – with the tunes going on my laptop and listening LIVE to you and crossing all body parts not needed to get my work done… hoping for the $10K….

and if ya don’t win… suck up to whomever won – i know ya can charm ’em outta some of that cash…



party on hun!


Love ya Phyl

6 11 2009

Rooting for you all the way from Montreal!!
Hope you win!


3 11 2009

******FM96 RADIO HOSTS…….READ THIS………..VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!******

GIVE CAT NUMBER 23 the money!!!!!!!!


Ya dont wanna know what COULD HAPPEN if ya don’t….LOL..

U radio station dudes and dudettes need to extend this contest and see who can keep the hat on for 2 more weeks without EVER taking it off!! That means NO HAIR washing!! FOR 2 weeks!!

The winner will be the one with the stinkiest HEAD!!!…LOL

Go HEATHER!!!!! Love you tons from New Orleans:):)


FOR THE RADIO STATION DEEJAYS AND JUDGES OF THIS CONTEST…………..Oh yeah…I ALSO think if ya dont extend the contest that u should have a lie detector machine at the final hat party or whatevah u are callin it. EACH contestant NEEDS to be hooked up and asked if they ever took the hat off other than when they were in the bathroom!!! I BET over half FAIL!!! AND NOT MY GIRL, BTW!!!

If they fail..they are out of the running!! Ya know u got connections!!!



1 11 2009

Happy Halloween Pussy Cat!!


1 11 2009
phyl in the 'peg

Ok – is it time to talk some smack here or can we still be nice?????

….. about the two radio dudes….

safety pins, recorders up the nose? And this was better than our girl doing a pompom dance?? Boys!!! Sigh…..


I won’t be slammin the radio dudes IF and i mean only IF
you give our girl the $10K … OR 4 FRONT ROW seats for U2 – and i don’t mean front row of the school bus parked 6 blocks away from the show either dudes….

Ok here is another enticement…. give the girl the $10K and we’ll let ya listen at the ‘peg party we are gonna have – you can hear us crackin the beer, poppin corks or in my case … unscrew cap, tilt head back, open mouth, pour and just swallow baby… sambucca that is!! LOL!
I know sittin in that there radio booth of yours can be a bit isolating and lonely so… give our girl the $10K and we’ll let ya hear us drinking and laughing and dancing and carrying on with all the others at our little soiree….. how fun that would be for you… think about it…. you KNOW ya WANNNNNNAA!!


Heather – here’s hoping my amazing wonderful enticements will help…….. go girl… 5 more days – then we take ya to a salon and get your head santized and have a dunk the hat in lysol party….. that thing has gotta be molting by now!



29 10 2009
Phyl in the 'peg

I cannot believe those scoundrels tried to:

(a) get you to take off yer furry little head helmet for U2 txs – Blasphemy i say and pfffffffffffffffft to those two naughty boys!

(b) that those same said boys did NOT let you come down to do a special appearance to win U2 txs – i mean REALLY! I cannot imagine them not wanting to see ya run around with furry smelly hat, thigh highs and pomp poms – and nothing else! Double blasphemy i say! and a double pfffffffffffft to those two dudes…..

It was fun talking to you this morning whilst driving into work in the cold and dark only to have bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeep the radio dudes are calling! LMAO!

You KNOW I am already planning our “middle of Canada” party for when you get your $10k and get over to the ‘peg… you KNOW us ‘peggers can party …. ever been to grey cup in TO (yawn….bored) been to one in the ‘peg… (yawn – no sleep cause partying 3 days straight!!!)…. yeah babe it is gonna be a good time – i figure we haul in Win and all the rest of our happy little gang of friends ….. like i said i am planning the party…

SO – RADIO DUDES – make it happen!! You KNOW ya wannna!!!

27 10 2009

WOW I can’t believe there are so many left this late in the contest!

I thought you’d have this contest in the ‘hat’ by now Heather.

How they gunna pick a winner if your ALL still wearing ya hats at the end?

I know you’ll the smiliest cat, prize in paws and Cheshire grin! Keep GOING! The others might as well take theirs off now and concede. LOL

Love and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


23 10 2009

I’m still waiting for my ambush as well!

23 10 2009
Cat 11

I’m still waiting for the mythical ambush!!

23 10 2009

Just got my first ambush today.

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