Cat 3 where i will be next week

24 10 2009

Hey there ambush team here is where ill be next week

Sun day off so i should be at home

Mon at grand from 8am-1130, 1130-1 lunch 1-5 grand 5-6 supper 6-10 grand

Tues 1-5 grand 5-6 supper 6-11 grand

Wed 630-1130 show at grand

Thurs same as wed

fri same as we




2 responses

27 10 2009

Stubby, dont be a jerk. We’ve been wearing these hats for 5 weeks meow. Cat # 3 is obviously wearing the hat. Like me they probably want prizes… seriously.. we are wearing a hat for a CHANCE at $10 000, little prizes here and there are fun and nice to have when you think about not winning.

27 10 2009

dude, nobody cares where you are. give it up, they’ll find you if they need to. they don’t wanna come when your expecting it so stop offering them to come see you

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