Cat#49! Up on Carling!

25 10 2009

Went to Up on Carling the other night for my friend Ashley’s birthday and had a great time… We had a limo there and the VIP area(FUUUN!). I met a lot of ppl there! it was a lot of fun. I’m starting to get a little sad knowing this is coming to an end! Its a great conversation piece!…and I can’t even feel that I have it on anymore. I made a little bit  of a jerk of myself. I was getting my i.d. out and the bouncer was like ohhh she’s going for the money… and not thinking, i was like nope going for the i.d. and everyone started laughing at me..  (i can’t be held responsible when it comes to the hat… we are one.)

I thought i would share that info with you… keep my stupid moments interesting with everyone else!

Also some random guy was dead set in thinking that if he got a pic with my he would be famous… after the pic he was like… oh yeah i’m gonna be famous… lol!


have fuuun!<3


P.S. Happy Birthday Grandma!!!




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