Birthday Parties! Cat49

29 10 2009

I had a lot of fun at my grandpa’s and friend Diana’s Birthday Party!

We were in Woodstock and as I was driving down the street lost, ppl were stopping and looking at me.  As I was on the 401 driving to Woodstock I had a Van rushing to catch up to me, and the started honking at me… So I looked over the car to make sure no blinkers were on or anything… I was going anything but slow… So i looked over and every person in that Van was frantically waving at me… lol very funny! As I was driving I got pulled over and the cop graciously lowered the ticket a bit so that i didn’t get any points! I was a little hesitiant but i asked him for a picture … so he laughed and said yes. So I got a picture with the cop that gave me the ticket! However, it’s on my phone and I can’t get the pic’s off of it yet!




One response

29 10 2009

Hi sorry it took so long to get back to you, Yeah I know Nate Priddle we go waaaay back! you look familiar as well, go Eagles lol, small world…tell Nate to gimme a call sometime!

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