Cat 7 – Visits Little Bravaria

29 10 2009

Hey Cats,

Only a few days to go…seems like the days have flown by!

My wife and I have been off on vacation this week and we decided to go on a little road trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan. We did the typical touristy thing, walked around Bronners Christmas Store and bought some ornaments. Hit downtown and checked out the fudge, cheese, and taffy shops.  And then we were off to Birch Run, the shopping outlets…………$$$$$$ Well, Heather, did get some nice things, LOL!

The trip didn’t end there, we swung around to Kalamazoo where my brother’s girlfriend is from. She took us to this place called “Wings Etc” for dinner where they have a 16 wing challenge. 16 wings, challenge (habenero) sauce, no drinks, no other food, and one hour to eat them. If you can do it, the table eats for free and you get your name on the wall of flame. I thought how about a Cat in the Hat on the wall???? So……I ordered a wing with challenge sauce to see what it was all about……a Johny Cash song comes to mind “It burns, burns, burns, that ring of fire”. Next to dropping a piece of coal from a fire in my mouth I couldn’t imagine what else would compare.

Well cats, I’ll be relaxing around home for the next few days, chilling in the hot tub, beaching on the couch, enjoying the remainder of the vacation. Anyone have plans for Halloween? A group of us are hitting up Swiss Chalet Masonville, Saturday night, 6 ish, then seeing Saw 6 at 720pm, Silvercity.  

Later Meow!




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