Cat#6 Ambush!

29 10 2009

So..I got to work this morning at the Bob Hayward YMCA and when I came around the corner in the parking lot I was faced with Cat in the Hat Ford Fusion. Brittany offeered up a few envelopes and I picked the second one. I went inside to teach my Aquafit class and told the group that I got ambushed. When they asked me if I got a prize, I could not stop giggling and said I was a bit embarassed to say. Now they were really intrigued and wanted to know. you have to understand why I was a bit embarrased: Most of the attendees of morning aquafit are my parents or my grandparents age. Therefore it just felt awkward telling them I got a gift certificate from the Stag Shop. When I did…they all laughed hysterically and teased me about a few items that I could purchase there! I was surprised they knew what the Stag Shop is! One lady had a great suggestion though and said that if I was uncomfortable buying something for myself that the store has lots of great novelty items for birthdays, bachelorette parties and other events. Then all the rest of the group started teasing her and said, “And how would YOU know?”

I will never look at the class the same way again….my innocence has be tarnished by a bunch of grannies!



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