Rants and Raves from Cat 20

31 10 2009

Here it goes

I am pretty certain I am allergic to this hat.  Just awaiting confirmation from the Dr.

Seriously have you heard of some people that start to look like their pets and vice versa?  That is happening to me with the hat.

I caught a mouse in our house last night…no word of a lie.  I should have taken a picture of it but I was just too hungry.

Our volleyball team was 2 wins and 1 loss prior to the hat.  Since the hat we are 2 wins and 16 losses.

I think the hat has affected my brain.

Since the hat sits so high on my head and I am tall I think most people think it is either my hair or I am just a weirdo walking around downtown.   They can’t see the radio emblem on the front.  I dont know how many people have asked me if it is my hair??

I cannot believe there are 54 people left??

I only take my hat off in the bathroom.  On a related note I have a child’s porta potty set up in every room in my house!

More Rants.

I have read lots of other blogs and here are some observations and pet peeves.

Just because you put “lol” at the end of the sentence doesnt make it funny (lol)–see what I mean?  Some of you put it at the end of almost every sentence.  If you have to tell the reader to laugh then it wasn’t funny to begin with.

Alot of you would wear this hat for a year for 1/10th the amount of $$.  I am convinced of it.

Some of you take this way too seriously.  Like the blog about hearing about people not wearing their hat during the contest.  I tip my hat (figuratively of course) to those contestants if they can get away with it.  It’s a contest for cryin out loud, not a lifestyle.  Take it easy!   I am sure there wont be a lie detector at the finale.   If they don’t catch you then you are fine.  The contest stipulates someone has to catch you.  I wouldnt be brave enough to take mine off though.

Hear is one for ya.  The rules stipulate no swearing.  It says “FM96 will not tolerate any profanity, offensive language or offensive photographs.”  Well I know of one cat that has blogged about a video link that makes a direct reference and warning about swearing in the link.  That will give you techies at FM96 something to look for because even if they delete it now there will be a history of that blog.  That should eliminate one cat.  See ya!

How about the blog about people not blogging enough?  I didnt realize it was a blogging contest?  Maybe they don’t have anything funny to say.(although alot of you have ignored this and posted anyways)  If it is a blogging contest then it isn’t the quantity of the blogs but the quality that counts.  On that note FM96 can make the cheque payable to me now and save the rest of you from having to wear the hat for the next 6 days.

I’m just sayin

Remember to support the United Way!  They need your support.100_0763100_0773

Happy Halloween.




One response

1 11 2009
Laura Mcfadyen Brown Cat #35

Wow you hat looks very similar to one of your cats. Good luck on Friday, but not too much…;)

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