Cat 19 – Stacy and Kitty 19

2 11 2009

It is truly hard to belive that this contest is coming to a close.  It has been let’s say “interesting”.  I have had some very intimidating experiences but on the most part, this has been amazing.  A simple example, this happened to me today, a group of neighbourhood kids asked me how many days left- after telling them that I am on the count down – they did 3 cheers for me!!  Wow!  I have gone to a wedding, presented in front of 80 people, story time to children at the local librarys, could not attend a funeral when my girlfriend’s father died, went to training workshop in Toronto, have another in London on Wednesday, met the teacher and drive all over Elgin County representing the Alzheimer Society.  I feel that I have done the cat some justice- as I always accessorized for every outfit.  I look forward to meeting you all on Friday and best of luck.  As you may recall, the money that I would love to win will go to the Alzheimer Society  and to ALS Research – this picture is the reason why, meet my nephew Steve.Halloween 001




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