Cat 60: The other MOG!

2 11 2009

Hi I’m Ralph and I’m a Mog, half man, half dog I’m my own best friend!  But everyone always calls me Barf, that’s my older brother.  Yes he got the part for the movie Spaceballs but what about me!  No one can ever tell the difference between us, come on!   Yes he got the nice brown fur and I have this awful grey fur but right there one should be able to tell us apart.  Even look for yourself.


Stupid brother Barf



Ralph the other mog








See the difference?  From head to toe you will see I’m better than my brother in every way.  And this Mog knowns how to party!


no shoes with feet like this


      So Halloween was a blast thanks to Mike & Tara for everything.  And to all others waiting to see more pics from the party I will get them up later sorry I’m work right now and really slacking on my duty.




2 responses

3 11 2009

Still my fave custome of the night!!!

2 11 2009

HAHA I love it!

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