Cat 9- Started new job =^_^=

4 11 2009

Wow you guys must think geeeee this cat likes to work everywhere!!

I started working at The Locker Room as a Bartender off Exeter road and Meg Drive every Tuesday and Wednesday nights after 5 pm.

I still rock the great wall Thursdays 4-8 and The Beer Store Thursday 10-2

I have Wednesday morning till 5pm and  all day off!!

I’ll be at home Chillaxin and cleaning my neglected apartment tomorrow.(Wednesday)

I’m excited about friday , I hope there is food!!

Meow! ❤

ps. check these cute cats in hats;




4 responses

4 11 2009

I have a cat and I bought him a pirate bandanna… yah it lasted about 10mins. But he was so cute for 10 minutes.
I think the hat might be a bit too large for my cat or even my neighbours dog.

4 11 2009

*lol* Cute
I bought my cats one of those Petsmart Halloween costumes (basically a mouse head hat) but they hated it! Thanks for sharing those with us

4 11 2009
Laura McFadyen Brown Cat36

OMG these are so cute. I’d like to see a cat with this hat on or a dog. lmao

4 11 2009

I know the last two aren’t cats wearing hats.. but I thought they were funny!

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