CAT#58—–3 more sleeps to go—–

4 11 2009

3 more sleeps to go…

My one daughter keeps letting me know how many more sleeps to go.

Had to be a Duty Parent this morning at my one daughter’s Nursery School. All the little kiddies still look at me strange. Like I have grown ears and a bunch of fur. And lets not forget the tag. I think that they think that I have turned into a real Cat. Halloween is over for them, but I am still wearing the Hat. This Hat is still a great conversation piece even if you are talking to the little kiddies.

My hubby is off work tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to spend some time together. It looks like it might be a “date night” for us.

Having four young children it gets really busy in our home. So it’s always really nice just to get out with my hubby even if it’s only for a couple of hours.

Hope all the Cats out there have a great night!


Meow! meow! meow!








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5 11 2009


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