Cat 60: Saving the best for last

5 11 2009

There is an old saying  “he who is first will be last, he who is last will be first” So I think it’s pretty significant that I am Cat #60 and let’s hope the saying is true.  So good luck to all you other cats only if you were true to the contest cause we all know some of you got away with it!

Yes I am excited that I could/will win the $10 000 but you want to know what really makes me happy the fact I may finally get a good night sleep on friday cause this thing really sucks for sleeping.  I was really disappointed I was never ambushed in bed, that just would have been awesome but maybe not so awesome for the one doing the ambush!




2 responses

5 11 2009
Cat 51 - Shawn Gelencher

Yes I have heard that saying and I hope its true for you, cuz since its a REVERSE draw, that just means your name will be the first one picked out of the hat to be eliminated! muh-ha-ha

5 11 2009

I know, my hair is dead from this hat!!!!

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