Cat #6What Would You Do for $10,000?

5 11 2009

Apparently, I’ll wear a mangy hat…meant to be a cat but looks more like a bear or an Ewok. I have to admit, there was a couple times when I toyed with the idea of taking the hat off to avoid embarrassment:  one was a rather important meeting at work and I was afraid of not being taken seriously….but I walked into that conference room with my fuzzy hat held high and it was a great ice breaker.

The second was my call back audition for the production of Nine with Musical Theatre Productions in London. I had the first audition before we got the hats, but then had to inform the producer, Donald D’Haene, that for the call back auditions, I would be wearing this hat. He was very understanding and even visited my blog! Thanks! The day of the auditions came and I looked at myself in the mirror and said “Who doesn’t want a cute Kitty Cat like me in their production?” I was so excited a few days later to find out that I was cast as Sofia. I’m really looking forward to this and based on the talent I saw at the auditions, this musical is sure to be one to see. Check us out at

The last 8 weeks have been interesting with this hat. Today I’m home sick and hope to be feeling better for the Wrap Party tomorrow. I will be there no matter what! Even if I have to wear a surgical mask! I hope that there are some big surprises for us all……like 10 G’s for everyone or trip give-a-ways, or a new  car! Good luck everybody!

p.s. I’m gonna win!!!!




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