Cat # 6 on the 6th

6 11 2009

So today’s the lucky day!!!

I was off sick and glued to my couch for the last couple days but I’m feeling more rested today. I’ve been drinking my green tea and my benilyn sore throat formula so that I can be there to win the 10 G’s!

I wanted to say a special thanks to many people:

To my family and friends for supporting my craziness

To Everyone at the YMCA for all your excitement and smiles over something as small as a hat…but something that brought me so much joy at work by laughing with all of you.

To my colleagues and supporters at Fanshawe College, thanks for keeping me updated on fellow cats around the school and for coming to my fitness classes and supporting me!

To everyone at Kellogg’s: for checking in on me in the Wellness Centre and making cat calls and singing “Who’s that Cat” to me in the halls!

To my peeps at the Bulk Barn in St. Thomas: your support was sweet and in just the right quantity! Thanks Mom and Dad for ordering extra cat treats! (hee hee, jk).

To my husband’s co workers at RONA Commissioners Rd E: thanks for checking in and your well wishes!

To all the strangers  from the grocery stores, malls, gas stations, restaurants, and everywhere else I’ve been over the last two months: thanks for your “shout out’s” and for saying “I hope you win” and “good luck” and all the really nice things you said to someone you don’t know! That makes me feel good about humanity!

To FM96 for such and outrageous contest and the sponsors for supporting something silly and fun and rewarding!

To my dog and cat for not caring about the hat at all….I’m glad you still love me and hope we still have the same bond when the hat comes off.

Lastly to my husband for your love.




One response

6 11 2009
Kitty 19

See you later today – good luck! I can’t believe that we never ran into each other is St. Thomas – who says it is a small town!

Take care,
Stacy (Kitty 19)

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