CAT#58—One more sleep—

6 11 2009

Wow…it’s so hard to believe that tonight is the last night that I will sleep with this Hat on. No tag hitting me in the forehead after tonight.

This has truly been one wild ride. I have met so many awesome people. Been treated like a celebrity at times. Put a lot of  smiles on many faces. Made folks laugh when they saw me. Shown that when you put your mind to something you can really do it. I think that I am really going to miss this crazy Hat.

To FM96, I would like to thank all of you for putting on such an amazing contest. To all the sponsors, thank you again ever so much. This contest was possible with everyone working together to make this a very interesting life experience for 60 Cats.

To all the Cats out there, I wish everyone the best of luck tomorrow night.

See you all at Jim Bob Rays.


Meow! meow! meow!




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