Last Post on the Last Day!

6 11 2009

Wow the contest is almost over..  in just a few short hours the winner will be crowned! I would just like to thank everyone for there support and well wishes during this great contest! From friends family and of course the complete strangers that would come up and and offer there support and tell me that I am gonna win this thing!

If I dont win the 10 grand then the other great payment I received was well worth it…that being the looks, the laughter and reactions that I got from people by wearing this fuzzy little hat on my head!  

Thanks for picking me Fm 96 to be one of the lucky chosen for the contest. I was told 1600 people applied so being one of 60 was an honour.

Last but not least to my wife to be Trudy for joing me on this wild ride…, with out your support this would have been alot tougher thats for sure.

To all the other cats I wish you the best of luck!

Steve soon to be former Cat 40 Steve Cat in the Hat 028




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