Congratulations Cat 31 and 52

7 11 2009

Thanks to all the Cats for wearing your Hat proudly! It was a great wrap party – and congratulations to Troy and Kirk – who split the $10K!

The Cat will come back in the spring.

CLICK HERE for pics of the wrap-up party!

Stay tuned for more audio and video!

cat 2

cat 1




6 responses

7 11 2009

I saw one of them wearing their hat around town! Good job guys.

7 11 2009
Laura Brown Cat 36

Congrats guys, good on ya for splitting it. It was a fun evening….

7 11 2009
jean laviolette

well done kirk. i am so happy for you. you followed the rules endlessly. you truly deserve this. don’t forget to buy a drink for all your closest neighbours…lol.
best wishes and enjoy…jean

7 11 2009
jean laviolette

way to go kirk. does this mean the drinks are on you for all your closest neighbours.

you deserve this. i am so happy for you………best wishes jean….

7 11 2009

Well done guys!!! Congrats!!!

8 03 2010

HEY i wanna see the new kittens!! What are the new rules? how are you making this one more difficult!!! I want details!!

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