Cat 60: What A+ Party

8 11 2009

I had a little too much fun that night, thanks to all and the special cats that I did get the chance to get to know, I had a blast that night.  And Jim from Poag’s Jewellers I hold no vendetta with you!  For the one’s that don’t know I was having a nice little chat with Jim and then he went up on stage and pulled my name.  (It still stings)

So after Jim Bob’s I continued to wear the HAT! that’s right I said it before and I’ll say it again I’m the Topcat, I really truly loved wearing this but as you can tell from the wrap up pics my head did not agree.   Anyway we left and went down to the Knights game and I really don’t know how this all happened but I was there, could I tell you who won? or even who they played? the answer is NO?  Thanks you SteamWhistle for that.  I am pretty sure we even left during the game for the search for more drinks!

I went out and partied again Saturday night!  It’s Sunday and I’m going to have a day of rest and the Hat will finally be off!  Thanks again to London’s best rock FM96 for everything and thanks to all my fans!  Yeah that’s right I’m pretending I’m a star.

If I can still blog in a few days to come I’m going to do so with some video shots I never got to put in, so stay tuned and you may get to see more of Cat #60!


My #1 supporter, thanks Tamara




2 responses

9 11 2009

Hey what are friends for :O)

Still think you should have won it….

9 11 2009

You Da Man Jeff!!!

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