Cat 60: Best after comment

10 11 2009

So I’m at work and I’ve been getting hits from all side, sometimes I think these people are more upset that I didn’t win then I am!  But I alway tell them I would do it again.  Anyway after hearing person after person laugh and call me a loser this one guy walks in and says “O my god!” and I’m like I know it looks weird to see me now, he says ” Yes it’s pretty bad but how long do you have to wear that one for?”  BURN!

Anyway I guess this is my final blog I can’t get this video to work, maybe next time.  And FM 96 if you do want to take on an Ambush team for the next Cat in the Hat I would be one of the best and I would put those cheating cats to sleep! Call me

Thanks again for everything and nothing! It’s been a blast, this is Cat #60, you stay classy London




2 responses

2 03 2011
im sexygirl

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12 11 2009

OH BURN indeed!!!! hahaha That was awesome, awesome to the max.
I have a lot of customers upset i didn’t win too.. but I’m getting mucho complements on my hair…. and I agree with Jeff I think he’d make a good ambusher! I would love to play that role too!! I would totally wear the hat again!
Hi five Cat 60.

See you on the flip side…. werd!

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