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Cats Out of the Running for $10,000:

  • Cat 14 – Robert Jenkins
  • Cat 39 – Nicole Powell
  • Cat 54 – Mike Bengen
  • Cat 28 – Amy Connors
  • Cat 45 – Jessica Shaw
  • Cat 20 – Blair Parker

31 responses

28 03 2010
Catherine & Marcus

We saw cat#18 today at Walmart in London. I happened to be traveling back and forth for a few days stopped in to get a baby shower gift and remembered hearing something on the radio about cats and hats. For some unknown reason my cousin had his camera on him. Go Cat#18

5 11 2009

I was at norma jeans saturday oct 31 and run into cat #27 she had her hat on,i took her picture with my phone but its not a really clear picture.Regardless she did have her hat on.

28 10 2009
melissa roberts

well i keep seeing kitty #55 always with her ears percked up this kitty is so determined to win this game kepp it up sherrie ,we know you crazy when u where the hat into an extreamly professional building, u totaly have nerve girl keeping my fingers crossed for you

22 10 2009

I see cat 22 at least once a week, when I am out shopping and he is always wearing his hat faithfully.
Don’t know him personally but wishing him the best of luck:)

20 10 2009

Cat #17 (I think) Was at the YMCA childrens saftey village on Satuday!
It was cool to finally see a Cat in the Hat!
Wish you all the best!

19 10 2009

Cat # 5 was in our shop…..looking for a PC…..she was wearing her hat….good luck with your system and good luck with the contest…

19 10 2009
james spetman

cat # 3 at Jlc, stinking up every thing, hat on head or be dead

13 10 2009

Your right cat #5 is one COOL cat !! GO CAT #5 GO !!

15 10 2009

Hey baby…thanks for that, when is the baseball party?

7 10 2009
Devon and Lilly

Cat number 5 is one cool cat keep up the good work

11 10 2009

I love you guys….thanks for your support.

5 10 2009
What is my girlfriends name???

Thinkin i saw cat 41 at slo pitch city on saturday and i also talked to cat 5 at slo pitch city. Even in the rain number 5 was all smiles,41 idk never saw him again. Well just want to say GL to all the cats left out there but my money is on Number 48.

7 10 2009

Thanks Shawn!!!!

4 10 2009

I’m going to be a sick kitten if those people who are sick “don’t wear a mask” Getting so tired in saying “Sore throat, runny nose, cough, please wear a mask” Please if you go to walk in or to your doctor’s have consideration for others and Please wear a mask! ~ don’t pass the bug that you have around~ Don’t want to be a sick kitten.. vets are costly! Thank you..

3 10 2009

Haven’t seen any of my fellow cats around, only one at Tim Hortons, where are all the kitty’s hiding? well I did miss my ambush, which that’s ok, I am wearing my meow hat and my fellow workers/bosses and family are rooting me on! Actually like that hat.. it’s a great conversational piece to meet new people! Crazy stuff! ~Helen~

2 10 2009
Jessica Villafana

Cat #55 is such a determined cat, she is a very proud kitty and loves her hat, i know she will make it to the end,keep it going Sherry!

1 10 2009

GO CAT#23!!!!!!!!

1 10 2009

I just want to send a shout out to cat #5, saw you in Niagara Falls on sept 19th weekend and see you in Dorchester at slow pitch city quite often. You always have that hat on… You Go Girl!!!

30 09 2009
Cathy Brooks

I saw cat #5 in Niagara Falls at the ball tournament. It was the most beautiful weekend of the summer. Sunny,hot,sweaty,dusty and tiring but that cat had her hat on!

30 09 2009

I just want to say I was at BOB on SAT SEPT 26 cat #41 was a good cat also 40 was at the Kiss show Sept 29

26 09 2009

lol Fm96 RULLS i listen to FM96 when i play socom online every night wooh you guys rull!!!!

24 09 2009

I saw cat #5 at slo pitch city in dorchester monday sepy 14 th and in niagara falls on the weekend sept 19 . Go number 5 go !!

23 09 2009

what would happen if someone else removed the hat from their head are they DQ’d because of it if caught?

20 09 2009
cathy mcs

cat # 19 was at the st thomas Farmers market on saturday sept 19th

17 09 2009
Angela Duncan

Where is Cat in the Hat 57? She was in the Oakridge Real Canadian Superstore yesterday (Wed. Sept. 16)

16 09 2009

Happy Cat Day #3! =)

16 09 2009

where are cats # 5, 14, 15, 22, 27,32, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 45, 54, and 59? not that many are out already? There should really be a tab on the cats eliminated and such! Seriously yo…

16 09 2009

I think those are just the cats that haven’t started their blogs

16 09 2009

So what 3 cats are out?

15 09 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

Ha…thanks man…and you are a hell of a golfer…hahahahhaa

14 09 2009


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