Cat 9

6 11 2009

This was fun! MEOW.. can’t wait for the reunion!!! ❤

❤ byebye meow blog!

Thanks FM96.


Cat 9- Started new job =^_^=

4 11 2009

Wow you guys must think geeeee this cat likes to work everywhere!!

I started working at The Locker Room as a Bartender off Exeter road and Meg Drive every Tuesday and Wednesday nights after 5 pm.

I still rock the great wall Thursdays 4-8 and The Beer Store Thursday 10-2

I have Wednesday morning till 5pm and  all day off!!

I’ll be at home Chillaxin and cleaning my neglected apartment tomorrow.(Wednesday)

I’m excited about friday , I hope there is food!!

Meow! ❤

ps. check these cute cats in hats;

Cat9- Halloweeeeeeeen!

2 11 2009


So…. I hit up the brass door Halloween night all dressed up! I went out as Pan who is a mythical creature called a Saytr.  Half human and Half goat.^^ I can’t find my camera hook up to post the full picture but some of my friend posted some on facebook. Here are a couple…


Cat9- Nov6

27 10 2009

So I feel a bit out of the loop here. FM96 is blasting all over radio waves that the contest ending is at Jim Bob rays. I wasn’t informed… I dont know what time this is supposed to be held.. I booked it of work, but I’m really strapped for cash to the point where I sold my living room set… >_< so If I can work that day I will.. can you guys at Fm96 let us cats know whats going on here please!! much love!!!! ❤


Cat#9- Places to find me over the next week^^Hello

13 10 2009

SO I’ve noticed people are getting their second ambush.. and I’m thining perhaps I’m just too hard to find.

So Here is what my schedule is like over the next week. (The Beer Store 3069 Wonderland road south @ southdale)

Tuesday- 10:00-14:00- the beer store, 16:00-20:00 Great Wall Chinese, 22:00-01:00 The Bristol place

Wednesday- I will most likely be in Toronto

Thursday- 17:00-21:00 The beer store

Friday- 10:00-17:00 The Beer Store,

Saturday- 10:00-14:00 The Beer Store, 16:00-20:00  Great Wall Chinese

Sunday 12:00-17:00 The Beer store.

Good luck ^^

I’m hardly ever at home.


CaT#9-Meow chicka meow meow

2 10 2009

I went to a club last saturday and as i walked by a bunch of girls they called at me to come over to them. I did. they started asking me all these questions about the contest….. then one girl asked me… How is your sex life? I mean do you “do it” with the hat on? OMG!!! I laughed in response and started to walk away, I turned around and said… lets just say Im celibate for 2 months.

That being said.. I really hope there are some stag shop gift certificates out there from the ambush team!! hahaha Purrrrr

❤ Storms

Cat #9- part-time job not listed

2 10 2009

Oh BTW ambush team.

I will be working at  The Great Wall Chinese take out place Tuesdays and Wednesday from 16:00-20:00 for the month of October. ^_^