Cat 52 wow…I mean WOW

7 11 2009

wow….TY fm96, poags jewellers and the other sponsors, TY Troy Welch for deciding to split…what a show….I apologize for the F-bomb, forgot we were live…oops my bad…Ty other cats TY TY TY


Cat52 five hours to go

6 11 2009

DSCI0044 I want to start by thanking FM96 for giving me the oppertunity and chance to win the 10k, I also wish the other cats the best of luck, and I’ll see you all at the draw….don’t be late


That’s all folks

Cat 52 Good weekend

19 10 2009


Where to begin…I was ambushed last Wednesday by Dunner and Britney, had my hat on so I got a prize

My babe and I were picked up by the limo to goto the Mandarin, and we feasted, big time!

Saturday we left for Toronto to arrive at our hotel suite 30 minutes late because our dumb GPS sent us to the middle of nowhere, apperently to the GPS the hotel was a broken down barn on a gravel road.

We checked in to our room and had a swim and a drink, and went to the Toronto Honest Lawyer for supper. We were the only ones in the entire restuarant.

Later that evening we went to a high-end club/lounge called Nava and the bouncers would not let me in with my hat on!!! I explained that it was for 10k but they still wouldnt let me in, (they were very rude) so we left with a one finger gesture and went back to the Honest Lawyer for many drinks and shots.

It was very differnt in TO compared to london with the hat. In London your a celeb, In TO your a guy with a furry hat

Cat 52 Not long to go now

14 10 2009


Had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

got most of this Friday off because I’m taking my girlfriend out to dinner at the Mandarin for her B-Day via Limo!

Then taking her to Canada’s Wonderland for more fun!


Cat 52: Still going strong

7 10 2009

I saw cat #9 In the Beer Store on the weekend. Didn’t notice her at first until she yelled out to me. We chatted for bit and off I went to Hickory Grove to camp out. All weekend the other campers kept singing that damn Cat in the hat theme song by Danko Jones I think (Who’s that cat). who’s that cat, who’s that cat, who’s that cat, If hear Who’s that cat one more time I’m going to defecate.

That’s all for now

Cat: 52 and another one gone!

30 09 2009

hahaha just heard another cat got busted on the radio, 55 left woot!

Cat 52: Another one bites the dust!

29 09 2009

Sooooo # 28 is gone! HA! …I mean sorry bout your luck, guess your horoscope was a little off eh?, oh well, so it is now a 1-56 chance for the rest of us cats. The chances are still better than any lottery ticket.

Keep those hats on or you’ll end up like # 28

thats all for now