Cat 60: Best after comment

10 11 2009

So I’m at work and I’ve been getting hits from all side, sometimes I think these people are more upset that I didn’t win then I am!  But I alway tell them I would do it again.  Anyway after hearing person after person laugh and call me a loser this one guy walks in and says “O my god!” and I’m like I know it looks weird to see me now, he says ” Yes it’s pretty bad but how long do you have to wear that one for?”  BURN!

Anyway I guess this is my final blog I can’t get this video to work, maybe next time.  And FM 96 if you do want to take on an Ambush team for the next Cat in the Hat I would be one of the best and I would put those cheating cats to sleep! Call me

Thanks again for everything and nothing! It’s been a blast, this is Cat #60, you stay classy London


Cat 60: What A+ Party

8 11 2009

I had a little too much fun that night, thanks to all and the special cats that I did get the chance to get to know, I had a blast that night.  And Jim from Poag’s Jewellers I hold no vendetta with you!  For the one’s that don’t know I was having a nice little chat with Jim and then he went up on stage and pulled my name.  (It still stings)

So after Jim Bob’s I continued to wear the HAT! that’s right I said it before and I’ll say it again I’m the Topcat, I really truly loved wearing this but as you can tell from the wrap up pics my head did not agree.   Anyway we left and went down to the Knights game and I really don’t know how this all happened but I was there, could I tell you who won? or even who they played? the answer is NO?  Thanks you SteamWhistle for that.  I am pretty sure we even left during the game for the search for more drinks!

I went out and partied again Saturday night!  It’s Sunday and I’m going to have a day of rest and the Hat will finally be off!  Thanks again to London’s best rock FM96 for everything and thanks to all my fans!  Yeah that’s right I’m pretending I’m a star.

If I can still blog in a few days to come I’m going to do so with some video shots I never got to put in, so stay tuned and you may get to see more of Cat #60!


My #1 supporter, thanks Tamara

Cat 60:I got a feeling!

6 11 2009

Yes that’s right I do have a feeling that tonights gonna be a good, good night! I also have a feeling I’m getting pretty lame sometimes lol.  I thought I had problems sleeping with the hat wow last night I just couldn’t sleep I am soooo excited!  Win or lose this hat is FINALLY coming off.

last night

could not sleep!

So a very special thanks to FM 96 and all the sponsors for this opportunity and all the fun I’ve had in doing this contest.  I did everything you asked of us, so may the best Cat win!

And to all other cats make sure you bring a good attitude for tonight and let’s go wild tonight and party!  And bring your tissues cause I’m gonna win, there can only be one!  hopefully me the TOPCAT  Jeff Weese #60


Cat 60: Saving the best for last

5 11 2009

There is an old saying  “he who is first will be last, he who is last will be first” So I think it’s pretty significant that I am Cat #60 and let’s hope the saying is true.  So good luck to all you other cats only if you were true to the contest cause we all know some of you got away with it!

Yes I am excited that I could/will win the $10 000 but you want to know what really makes me happy the fact I may finally get a good night sleep on friday cause this thing really sucks for sleeping.  I was really disappointed I was never ambushed in bed, that just would have been awesome but maybe not so awesome for the one doing the ambush!

Cat 60: Halloween pics

3 11 2009

I thought the funny thing about Halloween was that we being the Cat Hats finally fit in and didn’t stand out too much, being me you get a little attention people always say they are waiting for my to do something stupid and I guess I never disappoint them.  Anyway it took a few people to realize that I was a cat in the hat but as soon as they did a onslot of question came!  Again Mike & Tara what a great party.

1 groupbig chocolatebirthday girl

Kissanother group




                                                                                                         pop eye & olTara & Ifury brothers         Me with sexy shark


Cat 60: A special thanks

3 11 2009

It is almost over now!  And I’ve had had enough of this hat, I took a shower this morning and it hurt when the water hit the top of my head, not to mention the balding starting that really sucks but I go all out when it comes to competition.  None of this would be possible without my friend Tamara, she knew that I like to procrastinate a lot so she printed out the form and made sure I filled it out cause she knew this contest was made for me.  So thank you

Another thing about Tamara it was her birthday Nov 1st, that has to be hard right around Halloween but we had a little surprize for her at the party.

tamara & Ralph

Happy birthday



cake and all

Cat 60: The other MOG!

2 11 2009

Hi I’m Ralph and I’m a Mog, half man, half dog I’m my own best friend!  But everyone always calls me Barf, that’s my older brother.  Yes he got the part for the movie Spaceballs but what about me!  No one can ever tell the difference between us, come on!   Yes he got the nice brown fur and I have this awful grey fur but right there one should be able to tell us apart.  Even look for yourself.


Stupid brother Barf



Ralph the other mog








See the difference?  From head to toe you will see I’m better than my brother in every way.  And this Mog knowns how to party!


no shoes with feet like this


      So Halloween was a blast thanks to Mike & Tara for everything.  And to all others waiting to see more pics from the party I will get them up later sorry I’m work right now and really slacking on my duty.