Cat 19 – Little Kitty 19

11 11 2009

An update for all you cat lovers out there – Little Kitty 19 has had the “hat” on for 5 days now.  She has gone to school, karate and everywhere else a 7 year goes.  She has raised over $80.00 for ALS Research and will continue to wear the hat until the 20th of November.  Send your comments – she definately looks cuter than her mama!!  Take care all, Stacy (Kitty 19).


Cat #36 had fun even though i didn’t win…

9 11 2009

It was a great experience, and I am very happy to not have to wear the hat now!! So they’re doing it again in the spring…I’d love to be a part of a Cat in the Hat Allumi Ambush team. We would know when and where to catch the cat’s…The folks at FM 96 should think about it…

Cat 19 – Little Kitty 19

9 11 2009

Little Kitty 19

As of Friday night when I arrived home, my 7 year daughter has been wearing my hat 24/7 – she has decided to wear the hat for 2 weeks to raise money for ALS – her cousin has this disease.  I couldn’t be prouder.  Love you baby!

Cat #36 has been singing this in my head all day!!!!1

5 11 2009

The hat will come of …Tomorrow

Betcha ten thousand dollar’s that Tomorrow … i’ll have fun.

Tomorrow… Tomorrow, i’ll love it Tomorrow

it’s only a day awayyyyyyy…..!!!